Club Finances

The money the club collects belongs to club members. As such, members should be aware of how much money the club has and what the club is doing with it. Consider yourself informed.

9/26/2021club dues from 55 new members$1,375.00$1,375.00
9/26/2021club net from East Lake Tohopekaliga tournament$162.00$1,537.00
10/31/2021club net from Lake Poinsett tournament$168.00$1,705.00
11/21/2021club dues from 3 new members$75.00$1,780.00
11/21/2021club net from Lake Kissimmee tournament$150.00$1,930.00
12/19/2021club net from Miami-Garcia Impoundment tournament$174.00$2,104.00