Round two on Lake Poinsett!

Charlie Rigby Big Bass Honors 8.13 on Lake Poinsett 10/25/2020
Larry Cruce with 19.99 pounds on Lake Poinsett 10/25/2020
Brian Cole and Erick Pickton with 18.81 pounds on Lake Poinsett 10/25/2020
1Tom Southwick and Bob Barnette with 21.57 pounds on Lake Poinsett 10/25/2020

As the club gathered for it's second tournament of the year twenty teams ventured out to Lake Poinsett in what was expected to be a tough day on the water but instead turned into a pretty decent day on the water for some with thirteen teams in the double digits and eleven teams catching their five bass limit.

First place went to the team of Tom Southwick and alternate Bob Barnette weighing in a full bag of studs averaging 4.36 pounds and anchored by a solid 6.87 pound bass bringing their total weight to 21.57 and fetching them a decent $320 payday.

Second place went to Larry Cruce with a total weight of 19.99 pounds anchored by a 7.94 pound stud. Fishing by himself didn't seem to slow this guy down at all.

Third place was snatched up by the team of Brian Cole and Eric Pickton who reported not having any fish in the boat by twelve o'clock proving that it's not over until the final buzzer. Their bag weighed in at 18.81 pounds and was anchored by a solid 7.09 pound bass.

Big Bass Honors went to Charlie Rigby with his fish weighing 8.13 pounds which also clinches the spot for Big Bass of the year so far.

The next tournament will be on the Harris Chain and we will be launching out of the Tavares Boat Ramp A.K.A. Buzzard Beach.