SCBF at The Harris Chain of Lakes

Brian Cole and Erick Pickton with 10.50 pounds on The Harris Chain 11/22/2020
A-Jack Berry and Adam Brands with 11.28 pounds and second place on The Harris Chain 11/22/2020

As the Space Coast Bass Finatics returned to the Harris Chain of Lakes, sixteen teams ventured the long journey to compete for the honors of holding the winning bag after tackling the massive acreage across the seven different lakes to choose from. Some teams chose to turn the trip into a little vacation by staying in town days prior to the tournament and enjoying some time away from all the stress during these trying times we live in today. The club had plenty of company on the water that day with multiple other tournaments underway including a one hundred and fifty boat Bass Nation Jr./Sr. High School tournament which launched from Venetian Gardens and didn't cause any hassle for the club to take care of their business.

Dave Tripp fishing by himself took first place and Big Bass Honors weighing a 14.11 pound bag with the biggest fish coming in at 4.84 pounds. Fishing in the Double Run area of Little Lake Harris he reported that twitching Flukes and Senko's through hydrilla in seven foot of water accounted for his winning bag.

Jack Berry and Adam Brands took second place with their bag weighing in at 11.28 pounds that was anchored by a close runner up for big bass weighing 4.25 pounds. They reported that speedworms did the trick for catching their limit in both Lake Griffin and Lake Eustis.

Third Place went to the team of Karl Kearcher and Brian Davidson who took advantage of spending some time scoping out the lakes days prior to the tournament which seemed to have payed off for them. Falling close behind second place by a slim margin their bag weighed in at 11.05 pounds. Flipping in Lake Eustis is where they managed to catch their limit.

After having multiple boat and motor problems the team of Brian Cole and Erick Pickton managed to get an early morning tow through the dead river and into Big Lake Harris from a courteous fellow angler. Spending the entire day on the trolling motor and flipping some grass they were able to make the best out of a bad situation and snatch up fourth place with 10.50 pounds and earning them a fifty dollar gift certificate to everybody's favorite local tackle spot Strike-Zone Fishing of Melbourne fl.

The next tournament will be held at Miami-Garcia Impoundment on December 20th 2020. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE DATE for the tournament is not on the last Sunday of the month due to the holidays. See you there!