SCBF Kicks off a New Year at Lake Kissimmee.

Mark Evans and Matt Byrd not pictured with 15.09 pounds on Lake Kissimmee 1/31/21
Erick Pickton and Brian Cole with 13.52 pounds on Lake Kissimmee 1/31/21
Clyde and Raymond Taylor with 19.00 pounds on Kissimmee 1/31/21

With the year 2020 in the rear view mirror, twenty four teams showed up early and ready to kick the new year off with a bang. Other than some nasty vegetation blocking the ramp and causing some people to spin their tires until they got traction, the morning launch went as smoothly as possible.

First place went to the team of Clyde and Raymond Taylor with their star studded bag weighing in at 19.00 pounds and included the Big Bass of the day coming in at a solid 7.86 pounds which helped them clinch their first win of the season.

Second place went to the team of Matt Hinman with alternate Bradley Dortch. Their bag weighed in at 16.30 pounds and included a hefty 5.55 pound stud helping them just barely squeeze into that runner up spot.

Third place went to team of Buddy Perry and Matt Griffin falling just shy of the runner up spot with a bag weighing 16.27 pounds.

Fourth place and honorable mention goes to the team of Matt Byrd and alternate Mark Evans with their bag weighing 15.09 pounds. After having a rough morning with a blown tire as well as having their boat come untied at the dock they kept a positive attitude and turned the day around. Shot out to Bill Groseclose and Zack Malone who were nice enough to bring the boat back in. Thanks Fella's.