In the beginning SCBF at East Lake Toho

Tom Gates and Tommy Gates with 20.02 at East Lake Toho on September 26, 2021

Here we go again, even if there is a virus, pandemic, mandates, shortages, long lines, high prices and a lot of opinionated people. The new season put everyone on a level playing field (or lake ) and no one has the advantage. All it will take is one lucky cast or one right decision to make your day. Many returning members are ready to make this year better than the last one, along with some new members who want to fish with the best. The twenty-seven teams, who showed up at Ralph v. Chisholm Park ramp on East Lake Toho, bounced thru the abundant pot holes in the parking lot in order to launch into the very small boat dock area. President Karl met everyone at the check-in station while V-P Brian made the customary boat check. Mike, the Treasurer, along with the some special help from Jack, the CFO, manned the check-in table and collected the member information along with the appropriate fees. Once all the past members were signed up, the new teams were then brought up and the season began at seven am. The weather was great with 5-10 mph winds out of the north-east and the air temperature ranged from 75 to 90 degrees with partly cloudy conditions.

Tommy and Tom Gates collected the first place honors with a limit of the finest bass East Lake Toho can offer at 20.03 pounds. That's the way to begin the new season. Their big bass was 5.42 pounds and filled out a very nice bag of four plus pounds. Too bad you had to rush off before the weigh-in was over, but I hope the graduation was ceremony was spectacular.
Second place goes to Matt Hinman and (alt) Rob Frybeck, who tipped the scales with a limit weighing 18.08 pounds. Another good day on the lake.
Matt also added the Big Bass of the tournament weighing 7.52 pounds.
Fred Reid and his partner John Kinchen rounded out the top three with a limit weighing 16.56 pounds. Their bag included the second largest bass of the day at 6.38 pounds.

Once the weigh-in was concluded, President Karl opened the floor for club business as is our normal procedure. Only one item came up for vote but the club remained split and the motion was rejected. He then proceeded with the presentation of previous season awards.

ANGLER of the Year----289 points
Clyde Taylor
Raymond Taylor
12/12 limits for the entire season
Fred Reid
Jimmy Haggerty
Mike Calloway
William Flood
Bill Groseclose
Zack Malone
Big Bass for 2020-2021
Karl Kearcher---8.64 lbs.
Classic Champions ---23.81 lbs.
Mike Hampton
Tim Kopf
Classic Big Bass----8.10 lbs.
Tim Kopf

As there was no other business to bring before the club, the President wished everyone a good year and announced that the next tournament will be held at Lake Poinsett on October 31, 2021.