Hinmans Win at Kissimmee

Tim Kopf being Tim Kopf at Lake Kissimmee 2014-10-26
Mike Hampton with his 2014 Classic Big Bass Trophy 2014-10-26
Calloway/Semonski with their 2013/2014 Classic Champion's Trophies (2014-10-26)
Alan Elder & Wayne Smith with 9.05 at Kissimmee 2014-10-26
Jack Berry with 4.76 at Kissimmee 2014-10-26
Dwayne Haga and Dave Metzler with 9.49 at Kissimmee 2014-10-26
Jimmy Blount & Jack Berry with 10.96 at Kissimmee 2014-10-26
Thomas Taylor and Brandon Veasey with 11.11 at Kissimmee 2014-10-26
Tony Ciavarella with 5.87 Kissimmee Big Bass 2014-10-26
David Lloyd with part of his 11.65 pound 3rd place limit at Kissimmee 2014-10-26
Sean & Jack Burt with 11.90 2nd Place at Lake Kissimmee 2014-10-26
Jake & Gary Hinman with 13.06 1st Place at Lake Kissimmee 2014-10-26

The Space Coast Bass Finatics took their monthly team tournament trail to Lake Kissimmee's Overstreet Landing boat ramp on October 26. Gary and Jake Hinman of Palm Bay flipped plastic worms to amass a 5 fish limit totaling 13.06 pounds to win the tournament. Jack and Sean Burt of Cocoa employed big junebug colored plastic worms to weigh 5 fish for 11.90 pounds to earn a second place finish. David Lloyd of Palm Bay, fishing without a partner in his first tournament with the club, found that his boat motor wouldn't start when he arrived at the boat ramp. Instead of giving up and going home, he made the best of the situation and caught a 5 fish limit on topwater frogs and spinnerbaits weighing 11.65 pounds to earn the third place prize money. Tony Ciavarella of Melbourne caught a 5.87 pound bass on a topwater frog around some lily pads in North Cove area of the lake that was tournament's biggest fish.

Congratulations to Clyde and Raymond Taylor who earned this month's small creel award. The prize of 2 aluminum water bottles was furnished by your club president, Mr Mike Hampton. Thanks Mike!

Air Temperature: lower 60s to mid 80s
Water Temperature: upper 70s
Conditions: sunny with N wind 0-10

The winners reported catching their fish using the following tricks:

  • 1st Place: flipping worms
  • 2nd Place: big junebug colored worms
  • 3rd Place: topwater frogs and spinnerbaits
  • Big Bass: Lane Toad colored Gambler Cane Toad around small lily pads on the north side of North Cove