Record Breaking Day at Miami-Garcia Impoundment for SCBF

2015-09-27 Garcia Sunrise
2015-09-27 Clyde & Ramond Taylor with their 3rd Place Classic Trophies
2015-09-27 Bob Barnette and Tom Southwick with their 2nd Place Classic Trophies
2015-09-27 Mike Calloway With His Classic Big Bass Plaque
2015-09-27 Mike Calloway and Cliff Semonski with their Classic Champions Trophies
2015-09-27 Blount/Berry All Smiles as Usual
2015-09-27 BJ Biles with a 4.97 from Garcia
2015-09-27 Elder/Smith with 13.06 at Garcia
2015-09-27 Jake & Gary Hinman with 13.46 from Garcia
2015-09-27 Dwayne Haga with 14.21 at Garcia
2015-09-27 Hampton/Kopf with  14.53 from Garcia
2015-09-27 Hinman/Winter with 14.63 at Garcia
2015-09-27 Iler/Cruce with a 15.29 from Garcia
2015-09-27 Biles/Barber with a 16.20 for 3rd Place at Garcia
2015-09-27 Calloway/Semonski with a 18.14 for 2nd Place at Garcia
2015-09-27 Mike Calloway with 6.72 Garcia Big Bass
2015-09-27 Buddy Perry with Best of 20.02 for 1st Place at Garcia

The new year for SCBF began on Sunday the 27th of September at the legendary Miami-Garcia Impoundment with 18 teams ready for action. A beautiful sunrise was captured on camera by Mike Calloway as the teams headed out to do battle with the usual obstacles at this lake such as hoards of mosquitoes, hyacinths, lettuce, pads, reeds, floating islands and fence posts, but mostly big Florida largemouth bass.

The lake did not disappoint as 17 of the teams returned with a five bass limit and the total days catch came to 88 bass. This total fish caught eclipsed the old club record set at the same lake this past May with the same number of boats entered in the tournament. The total weight of 234.51 pounds surpassed the old record by more than 15 pounds set at the same May tournament. This lake has been the best producing lake that the club fishes over the past ten years.

Buddy Perry of Vero claimed the first place prize with a total weight of 20.02 pounds which was made even harder as he was fishing by himself this tournament. Buddy reported that most of his fish came on a top water lure and was capped with a 5.80 pound big mama. The second place team of Cliff Semonski of Oak Hill and Mike Calloway of Titusville brought 18.14 pounds to the scales capped with a huge 6.72 pound big girl which turned out to be the big bass of the tournament. Mike reported that the big bass was caught on the last cast while flipping a sweet beaver with only minutes left to go in the fishing day. B.J. Biles of Palm Bay and Jackie Barber of Port St. John used the slow and steady approach to boat 16.20 pounds of bass and claimed third place.

Lake conditions : air temperature 72' to 93'
wind : light out of the east north east
water temperature : 83' to 88'
partly cloudy

The entire club had a good day as most teams reported catching fish all day even when the sun came out from the clouds and the temperature jumped about 15 degrees making everyone wish the fall temperatures would hurry and get here. The next club tournament will be October 25th at the Overstreet Landing on Lake Kissimmee. We invite anyone who is interested in fishing a buddy type format to join us for the next ten tournaments.