Lake Kissimmee trick or treat bass

2015-10-25 Double Rainbow Over Lake Kissimmee
2015-10-25 Tom Southwick with a 3.44 from Lake Kissimmee
2015-10-25 Dave Metzler with Best of 8.88 He and Dwayne Haga Caught at Lake Kissimmee
2015-10-25 Barnette/Southwick with 9.70 lbs of Lake Kissimmee Bass
2015-10-25 Biles/Barber With 11.16 lbs of Lake Kissimmee Bass
2015-10-25 Groseclose/Reid With 11.45 lbs of Lake Kissimmee Bass
2015-10-25 Iler/Cruce With 11.82 lbs of Lake Kissimmee Bass
2015-10-25 Calloway/Semonski With 12.66 lbs for 3rd Place at Lake Kissimmee
2015-10-25 Jack Berry With 14.34 lbs for 2nd Place at Lake Kissimmee
2015-10-25 Rick Jenkins With 6.17 Pound Big Bass at Lake Kissimmee
2015-10-25 Jenkins/Brandes With 17.12 lbs for 1st Place at Lake Kissimmee

It was a very good day for bass fishing, light winds from the northeast, air temperature in the low 70's, cloud cover, no bugs, water temperature in the 80's, hydrilla and pads growing all over the lake. What more could you ask for on a Sunday morning in central Florida. We even came up with a nice double rainbow on the north end of the lake captured in a nice photo by Mike Calloway. So what if there was a small quick shower crossing the lake just to cool things off and keep the bugs down.

The fourteen teams left the ramp at 7 am with high hopes and eight of them returned with a limit of Lake Kissimmee bass. The team of Rick Jenkins and Adam Brandes (alternate) racked up an impressive bag weighing 17.12 pounds to take first place with ease. Their bag was anchored by a 6.17 pound lunker that easily took big bass honors.

Jack Berry captured second place fishing by himself due to a sudden medical problem which sidelined his partner Jimmy Blount came in with 14.34 pounds capped with a nice 5.39 pounder. Jack caught most of his fish near the Overstreet ramp and in North Cove. I'll bet Jimmy would have been happy to see those bass and probably would have improved Jack's total catch.

Third place was taken by the perennial team of Cliff Semonski and Mike Calloway who weighed in 12.66 pounds topped with a 4.06 pounder to keep them placing in the top three for the year.

Lake conditions
water temp. 82 degrees
cloudy with light rain
wind zero to 5 mph out of the northeast
water clear to slightly stained

How did they catch them
1st place used Horny toads (big bass), speed worms near the ramp

2nd place used top water devil horse, frog, and speed worms

3rd place used horny toads, speed worms and sinkos