Congratulations to Jack Berry for winning the Cocoa Bassmaster AOY points race which ended up on Lake Poinsett this year. The tournament was won by one of our own, Rick Jenkins, who posted a impressive total to best the field.

The club would like to give Clyde Taylor our best for all his work in the past years and hope he will return soon to compete against us in the future. Clyde was one of the original club members from the LERA days and he has done a lot to keep the club going and making it fun to fish each month. He has served in almost every club position and devoted a lot of his time and effort to make this club successful.

The departure of the club president brings in to play Section III D of the club rules which states that the vice president will assume the responsibilities and office of President. Thus Dwayne Haga is the new President and tournament director for the remainder of the year which he has accepted. The club then voted to elect a new vice president. Jackie Barber has accepted the position and will serve the remainder of this year. Way to go Jackie! We also elected a club secretary at the same time. Mike Hampton will try to preform a small part of the duties of secretary with a lot of help from Tony Ciavarella secretary supremo. With Tony's help I hope to get the news letter out and results posted along with the pictures on the web site that Tony has so skillfully developed for the club. I only hope that things will go as well as they have for the passed few years.

We also discussed the clarification of Section II C. membership dues and it was decided that the rule will be modified too make the rule more explicit and clear. It will now read that annual dues must be paid prior to any member participating in a regularly scheduled tournament. The revision will be posted on the web site by the end of the year.

Hope to see everyone at the next regularly scheduled tournament at the city ramp on beautiful East Lake Toho the pepper grass capital of the world.