East Lake Toho challenge taken by team Iler/Cruce

2015-11-15 Mike Hampton Working Hard
2015-11-15 With a Huge 1.51 lb East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Jeff Merritt With 2.32 lb East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Rick Jenkins With 3.32 lb East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Merritt/Chapman With 6.32 lbs of East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Dave Metzler With Best 2 East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Fred Reid With Best 2 East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Stein/Taylor With 9.03 lbs of East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Biles/Barber With 9.16 lbs of East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Calloway/Semonski With 9.48 lbs of East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Elder/Smith With 9.64 lbs of East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Rick Jenkins With 10.12 lbs of 3rd Place East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Mike & Justin Neal With 10.13 lbs of 2nd Place East Lake Toho Bass
2015-11-15 Tim Iler With 4.73 lb East Lake Toho Big Bass
2015-11-15 Iler/Cruce With 13.33 lbs of East Lake Toho Bass

The only thing that was easy on Sunday November 15th was the drive over to East Lake Toho as the lake lived up to its past history of bad weather conditions and small creel limits. This did not stop the SCBF as every one of the fourteen teams returned across a wind blown lake threw the pepper grass to the weigh-in with a limit of bass. We were happy to see Jimmy Blount back in competition but his partner Jack Berry could not get the engine to fire up at the ramp and they made the best of the day as they used up the trolling motor batteries and the starting battery as well. I'm sure they will be making a visit to their boat mechanic very soon. There were a few missing teams due to work, conflict, holidays, vacations, and deer hunting season but President Dwayne Haga and officers Jack Berry and Jackie Barber made the tournament go smoothly as usual. This marks the end of a 21 year fishing career of Mike Calloway. He was one of the original club members from the days of LERA and has served in every way possible to benefit the club. His record of service and fishing ability will be greatly missed by this club. We wish him the best as he will be relocating to east Texas to be near friends and family and the fishing is not as good as Florida but he said he will return at some future date to fish and check up on the clubs progress. We look forward to his return and wish him the best in his new home.

The team of Tim Iler and Larry Cruce took first place weighing in a good limit of East Lake Toho bass topping the scales at 13.33 pounds. This included a nice big bellied large mouth which took big bass honors at 4.73 pounds and was hooked by Tim Iler using a jerk bait. They report that most of their days catch came the same way fishing some where out if the wind. This win will make Tim a little happier as he is scheduled to go under the knife next month for a much need operation. So good luck from the entire club.

Justin Neal and Mike Neal came to the scales with a limit weighing 10.13 pounds for a second place finish. Justin threw a spinner bait all day to catch his fish including many of the toothy pickerel variety which cost him three spinner baits and some frustration. Mike just fished slow and easy dragging a worm and netting a lot of pickerel.

Third place was taken by Rick Jenkins fishing by himself due to his partner Joe hunting trip which probably caused him to narrowly miss second by 0.01 pounds. Weighing in a total of 10.12 pounds he caught most of his fish using a devil horse in yellow and black and a speed worm around reeds in calmer waters.

Lake conditions :
water temperature 74'
wind out of the northwest at 10 to 15 mph gusting to 20mph
ambient air temperature 71' to 85'
cloudy cover with intermittent sunshine
white caps on the lake most of the day
water clear