Lake Kissimmee windy day tournament, October 30, 2016

BJ Biles big bass 7.10 lbs
Jackie Barber and BJ Biles
2016-10-30 Tim Iler with 7.10 lb Big Bass at Kissimmee
2016-10-30 Iler/Cruce with 16.18 Pounds of 1st Place Bass at Kissimmee

The SCBF started off last month with a bang and this month was even better as a record number of teams showed up at the Overstreet Landing ramp. Twenty-three teams arrived ready to go even if the weather report was calling for 15 plus mph winds and overcast skies. The lake was just as unpredictable as the weather with water temperature around 72.5 degrees, clean clear water, lots of hydrilla and pads, along with the two foot waves white capping in the lake. This made traveling across the lake difficult and very rough but even with these conditions nineteen teams managed to weigh-in a limit of bass.

Larry Cruce and Tim Iler decided to stay in Lake Kissimmee and avoid most of the wind by fishing in the northeast section of the lake. This good decision paid off with a first place limit weighing 16.18 pounds. Using their usual spinning reel and top water baits (devil horse) proved to be the answer to catching their limit along with a giant 7.10 pound hydrilla gorilla that claimed the big bass honors. This was quite a turnaround from last month where they narrowly missed the small creel prize.

Jackie Barber and BJ Biles decided that they would make the long run north thru the lake up the north canal past Lake Hatchinhaw thru another canal and into Lake Cypress. They returned with a second place limit weighing 13.44 pounds and was capped off by a nice 5.72 pound big bass, second largest bass of the day. Top water baits in the morning then flukes and sinkos were their best baits of the day.

Jimmy Blount and Jack Berry stayed in Lake Kissimmee and fished tight to the edges of heavy grass to claim third place with a 12.17 pound limit. Staying out of the wind as much as possible, was Jacks plan to catch fish and keep Jimmy in the boat for the day. Speed worms was their best bait and accounted for their limit before 9 am.

The Big Bass Award goes to Tim Iler who used a top water Devil Horse lure to land the 7.10 pounder. I guess his neck and back is feeling much better after this tournament.

The small creel award was captured by Mike Calloway who was hampered by boat problems and a broken trolling motor cable or maybe he just sucks on this lake, but he worked thru everything to claim the Chevy Truck prize package donated by Rosner Cheverolet, Jeff Merritt and Brian Chapman. Good job Mike.

The only team not at Lake Kissimmee was Jack Spradlin and Gary Hinman and we were sorry to hear the Jack is experiencing some medical problem but expects to be back soon.
Alan Elder will be working out of the country for the next month but Wayne, who experienced some of his own boat motor problems, says he will be back by December or January.
There is only one space left for new teams as the club is limited to 25 total teams per year. Lets see if we can get one more team to join us at Blue Cypress Lake on the 20th of November and make this a record year for SCBF.