Iler/Cruce Win at Garcia

Cruce/Iler With 18.72 lbs of Winning Bass at Garcia (2013-11-17)

The Space Coast Bass Finatics took their monthly tournament series to the Miami-Garcia Impoundment on November 17. Tim Iler of Port St. John and Larry Cruce of Titusville weighed 5 fish for 18.72 pounds to win the tournament. The father and son team of Clyde and Raymond Taylor of Palm Bay caught 5 fish weighing 16.87 pounds to earn a second place finish. Third place went to Mike Calloway of Titusville and Cliff Semonski of Oak Hill with 5 fish for 16.70 pounds. Their catch included an 8.67 pound giant by Calloway that was the tournament's biggest fish.

I sucked bad enough to earn a bonus prize at this tournament! Mr Calloway graciously donated one of his Last Cast Products rod sleeves to the person that sucked the most at this tournament and that happened to be me. You can get rod sleeves, spinnerbait/jig/flipping skirts with or without rattles, and some other things from Mike at one of our tournaments where he offers a discount to club members or you can pick up some of his products at Strike Zone.

This time, Garcia only damaged two boats. My boat has an extra notch in the skeg which amounts to superficial damage, but the Taylor's ended the day with a buckled prop. I don't know what happened to the Taylor's prop, but I know there's something else in the south running channel to/from the boat ramp near the part where you have to veer to the north to avoid the tree stump that is visible. Somewhere in the middle of that channel near the stump there is something else that you can't see. Mr Elder tells me it's a fence post.

Calloway/Semonski Win at Blue Cypress

Calloway/Semonski with 18.97 1st place stringer at Blue Cypress 2013-10-27

The Space Coast Bass Finatics took their monthly bass tournament trail to Blue Cypress Lake on October 27th. The weather was beautiful, the fish were biting, and now many of the spiders that call this lake home find themselves rebuilding after our lines wrecked their food catchers. Mike Calloway of Titusville and Cliff Semonski of Oak Hill sacked a 5 fish limit for 18.97 pounds to win the tournament. The father and son team of Jack and Mark Burt of Cocoa were a close second with their own 5 fish limit that totaled 18.67 pounds. Their catch included a 6.51 pound lunker by Mark that was the tournament's biggest
fish. Larry Cruce of Titusville and Tim Iler of Port St. John rounded out the top 3 with 5 fish for 15.93 pounds. Two thirds of the tournament field weighed 5 fish limits for over 14 pounds. At least 7 fish over 4 pounds were weighed.

Barber/Biles Win Season Opener at Lake Cypress

Clyde & Raymond Taylor with Bassmasters Plaques at Lake Cypress (2013-09-29)

Why does something strange happen at the boat ramp every time we go to Lake Cypress? No, I'm not talking about being eyeballed lovingly by peacocks. Last time someone from another club got their boat trailer stuck in a ditch and someone else from that other club forgot their boat keys and used that to their advantage to win the other tournament. This time Mr Calloway made a new friend. He exchanged pleasantries with a random older gentlemen after said gentlemen launched his boat directly into Mr Haga's boat which was beached off to the side completely out of the way and then proceeded to go into a tirade about us blocking the ramp even though the ramp was wide open as everyone from our club beached their boats on the edges of the canal completely out of the way.

Oh right, we held a fishing tournament... Our 25th season kicked off at Lake Cypress on September 29th! Bluebird skies and little wind made for tough fishing conditions for most of the competitors. The team of Jackie Barber of Cocoa and BJ Biles of Palm Bay bested the field with 5 fish for 12.24 pounds. Jimmy Blount and Jack Berry, both of Rockledge, earned 2nd place with 5 fish totaling 11.63 pounds. Fishing their first tournament with the club, Mark Burt and Jack Burt, both of Cocoa, took 3rd with 4 fish for 10.61 pounds. Dwayne Haga of Sanford caught the tournament's biggest bass at 5.41 pounds.

FWC Wants You to Stop Littering the Kissimmee Chain

I recently received an e-mail from Marty Mann of the FWC:

It is the desire of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to work closely with bass anglers, clubs, and tournaments to ensure all users enjoy safe and quality fishing and boating while protecting the environment. Recently, FWC has been receiving many reports that anglers are installing fish attractors in lakes and we are trying to get the word out that this activity requires a permit from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Without a permit, it is considered littering and is illegal. The FWC is concerned that anglers are participating in an illegal activity and may not even be aware of it. We are also concerned that anglers are putting environmentally unfriendly materials in the lake to serve as attractors as well as placing attractors in water depths that may become navigational hazards.

FWC Holding Kissimmee Chain Invasive Plant Management Meeting

Managing aquatic plants in the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes is the topic of a Sept. 26 public meeting hosted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The meeting is in Kissimmee from 6-8 p.m. in the fourth-floor County Commission Chambers, Osceola County Administration Building, 1 Courthouse Square.
“We want to know what business owners, property owners, anglers, hunters, bird watchers, airboaters and others who have a vested interest in the chain of lakes think,” said Ed Harris, FWC invasive plant management biologist. “Now is the time to get and stay involved.”

Calloway/Semonski Win 2013 SCBF Classic on Poinsett

Calloway/Semonski with Classic Winning 16.96 at Poinsett (2013-08-25)

The Space Coast Bass Finatics held their annual invitation only Classic tournament August 24th launching out of the north ramp at Lake Poinsett. Afternoon thunderstorms may have dampened the competitors and their equipment, but they didn't dampen the spirits of the anglers or the fish. Mike Calloway of Titusville and Cliff Semonski of Oak Hill weighed 5 fish for 16.96 pounds to be crowned SCBF Classic Champions. Their catch included a 4.88 pounder by Calloway that was the tournament's biggest fish. Second place was earned by Bob Barnette of Port St. John and Dwayne Haga of Titusville who brought 5 fish for 16.06 pounds to the scales. Jimmy Blount and Jack Berry, both of Rockledge, took third with 5 fish for 15.82 pounds. All fish were released alive and well back into the St. Johns River.

Calloway Catches Big Mama at Toho ABA/AFT

Calloway with 9.60 Lovely Lady at ABA/AFT West Lake Toho (2013-08-17)

SCBF Veteran Mike Calloway fishes the ABA/AFT series for his shot at a Bassmaster Classic qualification among other things. The first day of a recent two day event at West Lake Toho, Mike caught a huge 9.60 pounder that he described as pristine and magnificent. He said her coloring was really beautiful. She certainly looks good in the photo. Mike finished 4th in the tournament with a two day total of over 27 pounds.

What a fish! Good work Mike!

Taylor/Taylor Are Your 2012/2013 Space Coast Bass Finatics Bassmasters!

On behalf of the club, I hereby extend congratulations to Clyde Taylor and his son Raymond Taylor for winning the Space Coast Bass Finatics Bassmasters points championship. Their consistently awesome season faltered a bit in the last two tournaments opening the door slightly to Calloway/Semonski but the Taylor's domination the rest of the season proved too much to overcome. The Taylors managed 7 top 3 finishes this season including 4 wins. They also caught the biggest bass at 4 events. Raymond's 9.33 pound beauty from February at West Lake Toho was the biggest fish of the year. That means the Taylors have a shot at the Triple Crown! Good luck at the classic, we'll all be trying our best to keep you from that honor. Excellent fishing this year Taylors, you really showed us how it's done!

Iler/Cruce Win at East Lake Tohopekaliga

We went from a 20 pound slug fest at Garcia to this. It all started hopefully enough at East Lake Tohopekaliga's Lakefront Park on July 28th, but then, somewhere in the windless heat, endless seas of pepper grass, and encircling bugs, things just turned out all pathetic like. Making the best of a tough situation with a triumphant return from an unfun health predicament was Mr Tim Iler of Port St. John and his partner, Mr Larry Cruce of Titusville. Those two sacked the only 5 fish limit the tournament would see which made a whopping 8.82 pound impression on the scales. Congratulations and handshakes abounded as the rest of us were humbled.

Finishing second with 4 fish for 6.35 pounds were some guy named Tony Ciavarella of Melbourne and Daville Williams of Palm Bay. We worked really hard all day to give those 4 little green fish a boat ride. Okay, Mr Williams took a break from smoking cloves and downing Monsters somewhere in the middle to send an e-mail or three but the rest of the time was all effort. Mike Calloway of Titusville and Cliff Semonski of Oak Hill brought 3 fish to the scales for 5.22 pounds to earn third. Their bag included the biggest fish of the tournament, a 2.05 pound behemoth Cliff managed to horse near the boat while Calloway used both hands and got a sore back scooping the fish with the net. I'm sure Cliff took photos with this beauty for his collection, but he forgot to submit them to me so they aren't posted here. Rumor has it that he took precise measurements for a replica mount.

Calloway Wins ABA D20 Championship at Harris Chain, Ranked 46th Nationally

Calloway with 8.46 at ABA D20 Championship on Harris Chain (2013-07-14)

Veteran Space Coast Bass Finatic Mike Calloway is fishing the American Bass Anglers American Fishing Tour this season. The domination of Calloway and his magical Zoom Speed Worm continued at the July 13 & 14th Division 20 Championship on the Harris Chain where he weighed 9 fish over 2 days for 30.18 pounds to win the event by over 7 pounds. He caught an 8.46 pound kicker on his last cast with 10 minutes left.

Mike finished in second place in points in the division with two wins. His hard work has earned him a 46th place rank nationally and a berth to the National championship at Clarks Hill at the end of October.

Good luck Mike!

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