Calloway Finishes 2nd as Co-angler at Okeechobee BFL Event

Seasoned LERA Bass Club member Mike Calloway outfished 122 of his 123 co-angler competitors at the April 17, 2010 BFL event at Lake Okeechobee. Mike weighed a 5 bass limit that totaled 19.5 pounds to finish second in the tournament. Mike has won once and finished second once in the three BFL Gator Division events this year. He is currently ranked 9th overall in the BFL Gator Division 2010 co-angler points standings.

Litton/Bistarkey (and Walker) Win LERA Bass Club's 2 Day Okeechobee Extravaganza

Okeechobee Sunrise (03-27-2010)

Ten teams made the pilgrimage to Lake Okeechobee to compete in LERA Bass Club's 2 day tournament held March 27-28 out of Harney Pond Canal. Seven of the ten teams managed to bring a tournament limit of 10 bass to the scales. The field was outclassed by Ralph Litton of Vero Beach and Steve Bistarkey of Palm Bay with help from Dan Walker of Vero Beach, who substituted for Litton on day 1. They sacked a hefty two day total of 32.02 pounds to win their 2nd tournament in a row and their 4th tournament of the season. Second place was earned by the team of Mike Hampton of Malabar and Tim Kopf of Melbourne who weighed a total of 26.63 pounds of bass. The team of Larry Cruce of Titusville and Tim Iler of Port St. John took 3rd with 24.36 pounds. Bistarkey caught the biggest fish of the tournament, an 8.01 pound lunker, to earn big bass honors for day 1 while Lloyd Griffin of Titusville captured big bass honors on day 2 with a 5.69 pound fish.

Barber Finishes 13th as Coangler at 3/13/2010 BFL on Harris Chain

Jackie Barber, reigning and defending LERA Bass Club Bassmaster of the Year, beat 122 of his 134 coangler competitors at the 3/13/2010 BFL event on the Harris Chain with a 5 fish limit that totaled 10.5 pounds to finish 13th. Congratulations Jackie! I hope finishing 13th on the 13th makes one extra lucky. Check out the full coangler results at the FLW website.

Litton/Bistarkey Win LERA February Tournament at West Lake Toho

Larry Cruce with his giant 9.78lb bass (02-28-2010 at West Lake Toho)

None of the twelve teams that competed in LERA Bass Club's February event on West Lake Toho were able to bring a limit of 5 fish to the scales, but what was lacking in quantity was certainly not lacking quality for several of the competitors. The team of Ralph Litton of Vero Beach and Steve Bistarkey of Palm Bay beat the field with only 3 fish that weighed a hefty total of 14.53 pounds including an 8.41 pound lunker caught by Steve. Second place went to the team of Larry Cruce of Titusville and Tim Iler of Port St. John who weighed only 2 fish, but they totaled 11.42 pounds and included a giant 9.78 pound beauty caught by Larry that took big bass honors for the tournament and is now the leading candidate for the big bass of the year. Third place went to Jackie Barber of Cocoa and BJ Biles of Palm Bay who weighed just 3 fish that totaled a stout 10.26 pounds.

Mike Calloway Wins Coangler Side of BFL on Kissimmee River

Mike Calloway Wins Coangler Title at 02/20/2010 BFL on Kissimmee Chain

Current LERA Bass Club member, Mike Calloway, won the coangler title at the February 20th BFL out of Camp Mack on the Kissimmee River. His winning 5 fish limit weighed a total of 15 pounds and 2 ounces beating out the nearest competitor by almost 2 pounds. Way to go Mike! Congratulations on your 3rd BFL win and your 8th top 10 as a coangler! Check out the full co-angler results or browse Mike's full FLW history.

FWC Wants Your Input For Long Term Black Bass Management Plan

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is actively seeking feedback as it develops a long term black bass management plan. This plan will impact fishing in your favorite local lakes and rivers for the next 20 years and beyond.

You can participate by taking about 15 minutes to fill out their online survey.

Folks Takes 8th as Coangler in FLW Eastern Division Event at Okeechobee

After a tough day 1 with only 4 lbs 14 oz, former LERA Bass Club member extraordinaire Jim Folks rebounded to finish 8th with a 3 day total weight of 25 lbs 13 oz on the coangler side of the FLW Eastern Division Event at Lake Okeechobee that ended on 1/30/10. Congratulations Jim for earning a top 10 finish and the nice check in your first FLW Series event!

Full coangler results can be found at the FLW Outdoors website.

Calloway/Griffin Dominate Lake Cypress Tournament

The Titusville duo of Mike Calloway and Lloyd Griffin completely dominated the January 31st LERA Bass Club tournament at Lake Cypress. For the second tournament in a row, the event started with with a cold front passing through which ushered in cold temperatures and high winds to challenge the competitors skill, trolling motor batteries, and mental fortitude.

Mike Calloway and Lloyd Griffin were not thrown off their game by the atmospheric conditions. In a tournament where all competitors weighed at least one fish, Mike and Lloyd sacked the only tournament limit of 5 fish tipping the scales with a stout 17.14 pounds to win the tournament handily beating out their nearest challenger by over 8 pounds. Their bag was punctuated by a 5.93 specimen caught by Calloway that took big bass honors for the tournament. The team of Ed Brewer and Don Francoeur, also both of Titusville, finished in second place with 4 solid fish weighing a total of 8.93 pounds edging out the third place finishers by just over a half pound. The team of Bob Barnette of Port St. John and Dwayne Haga of Titusville took third place with 3 fish weighing a respectable 8.33 pounds.

IGFA Certifies Kurita's Bass, Perry's All-Tackle World Record Tied

What's this have to do with the LERA Bass Club? Nothing! Who cares? Someone caught a 22 pound bass!

Manabu Kurita, a 32 year old angler focused on giant bass for 18 years from Aichi, Japan, caught a 22 pound 4 ounce bass in Japan's Lake Biwa back in September of 2009, and on January 8, 2010, the IGFA officially certified that catch as tying George Washington Perry's 1932 all-tackle world record. For all the details, pictures, and video of the huge fish, check out the full story on the IGFA website.

Boogaerts/Semonski Best Field at Windy Cold Lake Kissimmee

Twelve teams boldly challenged high winds and upper 40 degree temperatures to compete in the LERA Bass Club tournament at Lake Kissimmee on December 20th. The team of Richard Boogaerts of Cocoa and Cliff Semonski of Oak Hill were not intimidated by the tough conditions, instead they figured out how to catch quality fish and won the tournament. Their catch of 4 fish was one short of a tournament limit, but at 10.86 lbs, it was enough to edge out the second place team by a scant margin of only 3 hundredths of a pound. Their winning bag was capped by a solid 4.31 lb fish Cliff caught which earned big bass honors for the tournament. The team of Mike Hampton of Malabar and Tim Kopf of Melbourne were the only team in the field to bring a tournament limit of 5 fish to the scales and at 10.83 pounds it was enough to earn them a second place finish. The team of Ralph Litton of Vero Beach and Steve Bistarkey of Palm Bay finished third with 4 fish totaling 6.59 lbs.

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