East Lake Toho Challenge

Brian Davidson and Vince Verzi with 1st place limit 11.36 lbs on East Lake Toho 11-18-18

Space Coast Bass Finatics held their third tournament of the season at Ralph Chisholm Park on East Lake Toho and there were many challenges to overcome before the day was over. The first seemed to be just to find the launch ramp after which finding a place to dock your boat without getting your feet wet was next. Finding fish in the lake or its adjoining lakes and canals proved to be just as tough. The club history on this body of water has been one of small fish, low weights, changing conditions, windy weather and down right dangerous conditions.

Fall Fishing has began at Cypress Lake

Craig Cashion and Brian Wical with 20.42 lbs and flrst place at Cypress Lake 10-28-18

Space Coast Bass Finatics arrived early at the Cypress Lake ramp mainly to get a better parking place for the truck and trailer but due to some recent changes it was even worse than last year. The facility seems to be trying to limit the boat parking along with truck and trailer turning and parking space, along with closing off the bathroom facilities and digging bigger ditches. The twenty-five teams succeeded but it was tight and some near misses occurred when trying to park and back out of the parking area.

SCBF kicks off new season at Lake Poinsett

Ken Winter and Don Hinman with 16.23 lbs 1st place Lake Poinsett 10/30/18

It's a new season for SCBF and that means we get to start all over with a clean slate. The returning past members and several new teams were greeted at the launch ramp at Lake Poinsett by this years President, Bill Groseclose. He welcomed everyone with his usual smile and handshake, giving each new and old member information and directing them to the registration table. The club now has twenty-five teams signed up which only leaves five more spaces open for any prospective team to join us.

SCBF 2018 "Classic"on Lake Kisimmee

Craig Cashion and Brian Wical with 1st place limit 25.80 pounds

The best eleven teams of the club arrived at Lake Kissimmee's Overstreet Landing on Sunday the 26th to find out who would take the 2017-2018 best of the best crown along with bragging rights for the next season. Expectations were high and the lake and weather seemed to be cooperating to make this another fantastic ending to the season that had seen so many club records set or exceeded. It was a great looking morning with the nearly full moon over head and not many clouds to block the sunrise.

SCBF ends the year at Lake Washington

Dwayne Haga and Dave Metzler with the first place Lake Washington 14.93 lbs

The last tournament of the season for SCBF, was held Sunday on Lake Washington, with a a lot on the line for the twenty-one teams who put up with the mosquitoes, high water, little to no wind, heavy rain showers and a lack of vegetation offered by the lake. The question of who would be in the top ten in points and who would make the eleventh place wild card for the "Classic" , along with the Angler's of the Year, was up for grabs. The full moon and days of practice would not be much help as the weather and lake levels were rapidly changing.

Summer heat was high at Miami-Garcia

Bill Groseclose and Fred Reid 23.37 lbs.jpg

The end of the year is nearing and with only one tournament left to fish the "Classic" line up is starting to shape up. The points race for "AOY" has become very close, with this months results, as there is now only five points separating the top two teams. The day started out like any other day at Garcia with a lot of mosquitoes, crowded boat parking and a lot of floating weeds but nineteen teams who traveled to Fellsmere would be ready to go as soon as they finished the Entenmann breakfast supplied by Lloyd and Jennifer.

Soggy day on West Lake Toho for SCBF

Craig Cashion and Brian Wical with 22.50 lbs and first place at West Lake Toho 5-20-18

The old saying was true on Sunday the 20th of May for the twenty teams who arrived at Lakefront Park Ramp on West Lake Toho. Neither rain or clouds or wind or low water could keep us off the lake and the club responded with one of its better days. For the first time this year, every team returned to the scales with a limit of bass and there were a lot of big bass caught this day. This included six fish over six and a half pounds, three limits over twenty pounds and five limits over eighteen pounds. The day started out wet and continued that way until the weigh-in was over at three thirty pm.

Record Day for SCBF on Lake Kissimmee

Brian Wical with a 10.18 lb Lake Kissimmee Big Bass.jpg

The conditions were perfect on Sunday morning for a great day of fishing; full moon, high clouds, light winds out of the northwest, 61 degree air temperature and a beautiful red sunrise. This is how bass fishing tournaments should always start, right. The Overstreet Launch Ramp was unusually crowded with the remainders of the King of the River air boat fest, held on Friday and Saturday, which I'm sure we made enough noise to wake them up way before they wanted too.

SCBF Travel to Lake Okeechobee for Two Day Tournament

Matt Hinman and Gary Hinman (not pictured) first place  35.48 lbs and thier Big Bass 7.70 lbs

Many of the club members traveled south to Lake Okeechobee earlier in the week to see what was in store for the weekend. What most found was that their old areas were either entirely gone or changed to the point of being unrecognizable. Old boat trails were now open areas with scattered reeds and most reed lines were far from their old positions. The lake water was very dirty if you were in the open, but clean water could be found inside the reeds which is what most people were looking for.

Lake Poinsett Challenge

Dwayne Haga and Dave Metzler with 19.68 pounds and !st place Lake Poinsett

The day of fishing turned out to be a mixed bag of success and frustration for the twenty-two teams that arrived at the Lone Cabbage Fish Camp on US Highway 520 on February 25th. It turned out to be a big difference between last months really tough fishing as every team did weigh-in a fish this time. The Club marked its halfway point in the season with a great turn out on a very nice day with temperatures in the mid-80's and wind that came and went but never posed much of a problem.

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