Lake Records

Top 50 Biggest One Day Total Weight at 3 Forks Lake

This table lists the 50 heaviest total weights ever weighed in a single day of tournament competition at 3 Forks Lake. Single day tournaments, each day of two day tournaments, and classics are eligible.

RankTeam MembersWeightFishDate
1Matt ByrdShawn Callahan (Alternate)17.135April 25, 2021
2Bill GrosecloseZack Malone15.955April 25, 2021
3Brian ColeErick Pickton15.655April 25, 2021
4Jay SteinRob Branaugh14.275April 25, 2021
5Dave TrippRobert Kimbrough14.275April 25, 2021
6Jack BerryAdam Brands13.625April 25, 2021
7Mike HamptonTim Kopf12.565April 25, 2021
8Cliff SemonskiKeith Braun12.285April 25, 2021
9Clyde TaylorRaymond Taylor11.645April 25, 2021
10Alan ElderDaville Williams (Alternate)11.495April 25, 2021
11Karl KearcherBrian Davidson11.375April 25, 2021
12Dwayne HagaDave Metzler11.365April 25, 2021
13Mike CallowayWilliam Flood11.105April 25, 2021
14Fred ReidJimmy Haggerty10.815April 25, 2021
15Tommy GatesThomas Gates10.645April 25, 2021
16Clayton ClarkGreg Clark8.345April 25, 2021
17Larry Cruce(DNF)8.245April 25, 2021
18Don HinmanKen Winter7.765April 25, 2021
19Lloyd HamiltonJennifer Hamilton7.035April 25, 2021
20Roger MarekAaron Marek7.025April 25, 2021

Top 50 Biggest Bass at 3 Forks Lake

This table lists the top 50 biggest fish caught by a club member (non-dues paying alternates are not counted) and weighed in any Space Coast BassFinatics tournament held at 3 Forks Lake. This information is not entirely accurate in that only one fish per team per tournament day is weighed individually so if a team caught two or more huge fish on the same day, only the biggest of them is counted in this table.

Two names are listed for a particular fish when the club doesn't have an official record of who caught the fish. This is most likely due to that fish not winning big bass at the tournament it was caught at. Should this affect you and you recall who caught a particular fish, notify the club secretary and credit will be given to the appropriate party.

1Dave Tripp7.21April 25, 2021
2Dwayne Haga or Dave Metzler6.04April 25, 2021
3Bill Groseclose or Zack Malone5.71April 25, 2021
4Jack Berry or Adam Brands5.12April 25, 2021
5Mike Calloway or William Flood4.65April 25, 2021
6Jay Stein or Rob Branaugh4.61April 25, 2021
7Brian Cole or Erick Pickton4.53April 25, 2021
8Cliff Semonski or Keith Braun4.37April 25, 2021
9Larry Cruce or Larry Cruce4.15April 25, 2021
10Mike Hampton or Tim Kopf4.03April 25, 2021
11Clyde Taylor or Raymond Taylor3.93April 25, 2021
12Karl Kearcher or Brian Davidson3.84April 25, 2021
13Tommy Gates or Thomas Gates3.62April 25, 2021
14Clayton Clark or Greg Clark3.18April 25, 2021
15Lloyd Hamilton or Jennifer Hamilton2.62April 25, 2021
16Roger Marek or Aaron Marek2.38April 25, 2021
17Don Hinman or Ken Winter1.55April 25, 2021