Another successful Season ends at Lake Washington for SCBF.

Buddy Perry with a 8.40 lb Big Bass at Lake Washington on 7-26-2020
Mike Neal and Justin Sonnier with 16.19 lbs and 2nd place at Lake Washington 7-26-2020
Jr. Solis and Brian Wical with 1st place 17.37 lbs at Lake Washington 7-26-2020

Space Coast Bass Finatics regular season ended on Lake Washington Sunday the 26th of July. It's all over except for the what if's, the maybe's, and the almost could have been's for the club members who traveled to good old Lake Washington. The heat, nor the water conditions, nor the lack of anything green in the lake was going to stop this last attempt to make or break the season for the club members. Many things were decided at this final regular season tournament : such as; AOY top ten qualifiers for the "Classic" along with the all important wild card team which will complete the eleven teams fishing for the "Classic " victory. The future officers will be decided and any rule changes can be submitted for the next season along with the lakes the club members wish to visit for the 2020-2021 season.
The launch ramp was very crowded but President Karl quickly dispatched his duties and got the day underway. All the boats left the start area at the call of Raymond Taylor from his dingy except Lloyd and Jennifer who miscalculated the time for sunrise. The lake did produce some success as there were 18 limits brought to the scales and the average big fish weight was over four pounds along with one giant eight plus pounder.

Brian Wical and Santos Jr. Solis put the finishing touches on a stellar year with a first place win and wrapping up the Angler of the Year honors. Their 17.37 pound limit was anchored by a nice 6.24 pound big bass which rounded out their three and a half average bag. This win secured their AOY points championship with 300 total points and easily lead the club with 52 fish weighing 168.05 pounds brought to the scales. Their record of two wins, 5 top three's, and 1 big bass was unmatched by the remainder of the club. They flipped the river south of the bridge to complete the record year. Congratulations!!!

Mike Neal and Justin Sonnier took second place by the narrowest of margins with a limit weighing 16.19 pounds. Using a carolina rig over the shell beds and flippin the river accounted for their success. They finished the season in 4th place in the AOY points race with 252 points, one win, four top three's and 2 big bass honors while bringing 46 fish to the scales for 128.24 pounds.
Third place goes to Fred Reid and Jimmy Haggerty who weighed in a limit at 16.17 pounds including one 6.50 pound big bass which was the second heaviest of the day. Moving around the lake and flippin anything green proved to be the right choice for them. This limit also completed another 12 tournaments with a limit for them and is Fred's fifth consecutive season the achieve this distinguishing. Way to go Fred !!

Bill Groseclose and Zac Malone captured 4th place with a nice limit weighing 15.39 pounds. Traveling far to the south and using a special worm made by Karl Kearcher was their secret to success. Their bag was anchored by a 4.54 pounder and secured them a fifth place finish in the AOY points race.
Big Bass honors was claimed by Buddy Perry who landed a 8.40 pound gggiant bass at the end of the day on a rattle trap near the ramp or was it in the river or was it at the bridge. Either way it was a great fish and definitely came at just the right time to help the team make it into 5th place but more importantly secured them a place in the SCBF "Classic".
Small Creel was captured by Clayton Clark and his ringer alternate Ryan Martin who pounded the lake, canals and river for three fish weighing 4.48 pounds. As usual the gift certificates for fourth and small creel came from Shawn Mecchella at Strike Zone of Melbourne. He has backed the club all season and made it a much better bass club by his generous donations. Be sure to visit the shop on US 192 and show your appreciation and support for him.

A special thanks goes out to Karl's wife for her work on making the end of the season better with the delivery of several boxes of sub sandwiches and chips from Publix. Also to Karl and Buddy and Jack for their work at making the club run smoothly this season. The club pictures are what makes the tournaments stand out over other clubs and are made possible by Mike Calloway , Alan Elder, Wayne Smith and a few others I have forgotten. The end of the season also marks the time for recognition of the accomplishments of the the members.
AOY points Champions.............Brian Wical and Santos Jr. Solis with 300 points
Fred Reid and Jimmy Haggerty ..12/12 limits
Karl Kearcher and Brian Davidson 12/12 limits
Big Bass of the Year .....Gary Hinman who landed a 9.67 pound behemoth at Lake Kissimmee on April 26. 2020 along with another nine pounder to boot which along with Matt Hinman capped off a 27.81 pound bag claiming the third heaviest ever in club history.

President Karl announced the ten "Classic" qualifier along with the wild card winner and proceeded to call for nominations for the lake which is to be chosen and the ramp to launch from. The Kissimmee Chain of Lakes was selected and the Overstreet Landing chosen for launch. Remember that the lake will be off limits to the participants from the prior Monday at Daylight to Sunrise on the Sunday of the tournament. If your partner cannot fish the Classic you can only choose you alternate from the remaining members.
The new Officers for the 2020-2021 season will be
Karl Kearcher ----------- President
Buddy Perry --------------Vice-President
Clayton Clark------------- Treasurer
Matt Byrd -----------------Secretary

The only thing they need is your support to have a successful season.
Remember the present members have first options to return next season as club members so let the secretary know what you want to do.