Absolute Slugfest for Space Coast Bass Finatics at Miami Garcia

Dwayne Haga and Justin Reasner with 20.90 pounds on Miami Garcia 05/22/2022

With the season drawing near the end, twenty one teams came out ready and excited to give their all in order to try and jockey into the best position they can in hopes of making this years classic championship. With all but one team managing to get a limit, it was no secret that the bite was on for the Bass Finatics on Miami Garcia. With just a little over a pound and some change difference between second place and seventh place it was one of those days where every fish and every ounce can make or break you.

Space Coast Bass Finatics Battle it out at Three Forks Marsh.

A: Brian Cole and Bill Groseclose with 20.22 pounds on Three Forks Marsh 04/24/2022

With good weather in the forecast and the usual bit of tournament day wind blowing, twenty two teams showed up to one of our local fishing spots to see how they line up against the competition. With a bit of a slow start due to some safety concerns the boats began launching one at a time with caution. After a safe launch it seemed that once again those who made the treacherous journey down to Sattori through all the mud and laid down trees were the ones who did the best.

Record Smashed for one Space Coast team on The Big "O"

A: Jack Berry and Adam Brands with 16.55 pounds on Day two Lake Okeechobee 03/27/2022

It was a big weekend for the Space Coast Bass Finatics on Lake Okeechobee this year! With a long time standing record of one day total weight being broken by one team and plenty of fish being caught by the remaining eighteen teams there was no question the fish were biting. Just ask the team of Roger and Aaron Marek who successfully joined the dirty thirty club or the team of Jay Stein and Rob Branagh who made a huge move on the final day to finish just shy of the top three.

The Hot Streak Continues for some Bass Finatics at West Lake Toho

A: Brian Cole and Bill Groseclose with 26.48 pounds on Lake Toho 02/27/2022

Twenty five teams ventured their way to the City Ramp on the north end of Lake Toho bright and early hoping to fill out the day pulling in some giant Kissimmee chain bass. As some waited for the new owners of the bait and tackle shop to start serving some breakfast sandwiches others were busy serving up their usual pre tournament trash talking. After having no hiccups launching all the boats the club was set loose on the water to test their skill.

Rob Branagh Wins MLF Toyota Series Southern Division Event at Okeechobee

Rob Branagh with the February 2022 MLF Toyota Series Southern Open Trophy at Lake Okeechobee

Congratulations to Rob Branagh! He out classed 270 other boaters to win the first MLF Toyota Series Southern Division event of 2022 at Lake Okeechobee. His winning weights were consistent and increasing over the 3 day event weighing 15-01, 16-09, and 19-11 for a total of 51-05 to edge the nearest competitor by 9 ounces and take home the $66,500 check. Way to go Rob!

Hard Freeze and Wind Chill Advisory for SCBF at Lake Kissimmee

1: Karl Kescher and Brian Davidson with 25.19 pounds on Lake Kissimmee 01/30/2022

With winter upon us, twenty teams showed up to fish the harshest cold weather temperatures Florida has seen in the last decade. With a bit of a hesitation due to the freezing cold, the boats eventually starting making their way out on to the lake.

SCBF Packs the Ramp at Miami Garcia

Brian Cole and Bill Groseclose 12/19/2021

It was quite the turn out for the Space Coast Bass Finatics this season at one of their home lakes Miami Garcia. Boasting pretty much a full field, twenty nine teams showed up just weeks before christmas to see if they could find their own gifts out on the lake in the form of some giant Largemouth Bass with pretty little bows on them. They packed the parking lot full of trucks and trailers and filled up all the spots on the bank first thing in the morning. After swapping some fish stories of the ones that got away during pre fishing, the boats were launched without a hitch.

Space Coast Bass Finatics Battle High Winds on Lake Kissimmee

Aaron Marek with his Monster 10.43 pound Bass

With howling winds in the forecast for the entire day twenty five teams braved the harsh conditions to have their chance to claim the top prize for the day. The registration was off to an early start as the first members began rolling in at the crack of dawn to grab a good parking spot and get their tackle in order.

Space Coast Bass Fanatics take on Lake Poinsett

1: Brian Cole and Bill Groseclose

Twenty eight teams showed up bright and early for the chance to get their lures wet and maybe get paid to do so. The launch went off without a hitch and the weather was nice. The lake decided to produce some fish for most with eighteen teams weighing in a full five bass limit and four teams weighing in over twenty pound bags.

First place went to the team of Brian Cole and Bill Groseclose who weighed in a hefty sack of largemouth bass weighing just over twenty pounds with 20.67 pounds anchored by a 7.66 pound Poinsett stud.

In the beginning SCBF at East Lake Toho

Tom Gates and Tommy Gates with 20.02 lbs.win at East Lake Toho on September 26, 2021

Here we go again, even if there is a virus, pandemic, mandates, shortages, long lines, high prices and a lot of opinionated people. The new season put everyone on a level playing field (or lake ) and no one has the advantage. All it will take is one lucky cast or one right decision to make your day. Many returning members are ready to make this year better than the last one, along with some new members who want to fish with the best. The twenty-seven teams, who showed up at Ralph v.

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