SCBF Return to Lake Okeechobee

Tim and Larry
Mike Calloway and William Flood on Lake Okeechobee March 2021

Twenty one teams embarked on the journey down to Harney Pond Canal boat ramp to try out their luck this year on the Big "O". Hopes were high just as the water was compared to the couple years prior. There wasn't much sleep had for the few who lucked into an all night fish fry outside their room complete with corn hole and a mens choir singing together in tune, unless you were like Clayton and just stayed out all night before the tournament. The wind was fair and steady all weekend but not too bad and the water temperature was hanging out around a comfortable 74 to 78 degrees. The time spent on the water was smooth other than Robert Kimbrough losing his engine compressor or Jack Berry having a few words with a very nice guide boat who just wanted to share Jack's fishing hole and of course Jay Stein somehow losing a big bass that was already in the livewell. If you see a giant bass with a cull tag floating around out there it might be his.

Coming in first place with a whopping two day total of 42.68 pounds was Karl Kearcher and his alternate partner Daryl Devries. Their bag on Sunday included Big Bass for that day as well as the biggest bass caught for the entire tournament, it weighed a hefty 8.64 pounds. At some point during the tournament these guys figured out that chucking a white spinnerbait was the key to success. Good job fellas!

Second place went to the team of Mike Calloway and William Flood. Their two day combined weight was 31.71 pounds and their average size fished weighed in both days was 3.20 pounds. Not too Shabby.

Rounding off the winners and coming in third place was Larry Cruce with his alternate partner Tim Iler. Missing second place by mere ounces their two day total came out to 31.68 pounds and included the biggest bass on day one weighing in at 7.63 pounds.