Are you fed up with the state of the St. John's River?  It's time to take action.  No, I don't mean yelling at Mike Calloway for making the club fish tournaments out of Mullet Lake Park the last two years.  Fishing media writer and central Florida resident, Joe Balog, has formed a non-profit organization called Mighty River Recovery dedicated to improving fish and wildlife habitat on the Saint John's River.  He needs help from people interested in the health of the river, like us, to make it happen.

Joe has posted a two articles(1 and 2) on his blog on BassFan expressing his displeasure with the St. John's River status quo and as a call to action.  The articles discuss his history with the river and why he's trying to help.  It's hard not to be riled up and want to get involved after reading them.

How can you help?  Visit the Mighty River Recovery website and learn about what's going on.  You can help by simply joining their e-mail list.  There is power in numbers.  If you want to help more, you can become a member of the organization for as little was $20.  If you want to help even more, you can also volunteer.

Together we can make positive change if we are willing to do something.

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