Space Coast Bass Finatics begins a New Year

Brian Wical Big Bass 6.91 lbs.jpg
Alan Elder and Wayne Smith 3rd place 20.25 lbs.jpg
Karl Kearcher and Jay Stein with 20.81 pounds 2nd place.jpg
Jimmy Blount and Jack Berry 21.15 1st place.jpg

The flood waters had receeded enough and you could walk out on the dock without getting you feet wet but the rain made sure everyone started out the day a little wet. The new year for the club began early in the morning as the past team members checked in along with teams that changed partners to make up new teams and fill the roster. Then five new teams were added to fill out the years roster making twenty-five total participating teams to start the 2017-2018 year which is the first time that we have ever started out the year with a full field. We welcome all past members and new teams which will make this year better than the record breaking year we just finished up. A few choice words from new president Bill Groseclose on the lake conditions, rules, weigh-in and procedures completed, he started the year off right on time. He reminded all the members that a meeting would be held right after the weigh-in was completed for a discussion on new rules and voting to approve or disapprove changes to the club By-Laws.

Jimmy Blount and (treasure) Jack Berry showed the way as they took first place with a huge bag weighing 21.15 pounds. Jack caught a great big bass on his third cast weighing 6.45 pounds but still did not take big bass honors for the day. Their limit came on mostly speed worms and rage craws around the grass islands in the north cove area. The fish were concentrated in an area not more than fifty yards long and continued to bite all day long. Congratulations on the first tournament win of the new season.

Karl Kearcher and Jay Stein made things interesting but came up a hair short placed second by weighing in 20.81 pounds of Lake Kissimmee bass. Their bag was anchored by a nice 6.00 pounder that capped of a solid effort. They reported that throwing jigs and flippin hydilla mats all over the lake made the difference.

Alan Elder and Wayne Smith traveled south and found a pile of bass in a very small area some where around Jack's Slew. They said that the bass would hit a skinny dipper in the exact place at the exact speed and the exact color. Their 20.25 pound bag netted them a third place finish and some nice points to start the year off right.

Brian Wical came in with a 6.91 pounder to win the Big Bass pot. Brian and (alt) Jack Spradlin also weighed in 19.53 pounds to come in a close fourth place finish. They used a swimming jig and flippin in pads and hydrilla mats to catch a nice limit.
Mark Williams and (alt) Jennifer Barber walked away with the small creel prize which was generously donated by Shawn Mechella (happy birthday) of The Strike Zone of Melbourne. Thanks for his continuing support of our club.

The new officers, President Bill Groseclose and V-P William Flood, did an excellent job of getting the year off to a good note and Jack Berry was ok but the members ,old and new, are to be congratulated on a great job at the weigh-in and staying for the after tournament meeting. Several items were discussed and some relevant changes were made to the By-Laws to keep up with FWC rules and clarify some of the existing club rules.

The next tournament is scheduled for Lake Poinsett on October 29, 2017. The officers will monitor the lake conditions and if it is determined that the conditions make it dangerous to fish a decision will be made by the 21st of the month and a e-mail and flier will be sent to all members possible.

By the way if the photos are messed up and some names are not right please send me an e-mail and I,ll correct it because I am still trying to place everyones face. SORRY